Mariette Pathy Allen

Other Books

  • Scapes Scapes


    “Scapes”, is my newest series of color photographs. The images may refer to landscape, cityscape, or even, escapes. They mix cultural imagery, current and traditional symbols, signage and stereotypes, odd juxtapositions of objects and spaces, or any combination of these. Comments on gender, whether intentional or not, keep appearing, as does the coming together of old and new, East and West, kitsch and class.

  • Fantasy & Flowers Fantasy & Flowers


    Throughout the '70s and 80's, I played with flowers and created fantasies, using my patient friends. The images relate to my earlier work as a painter. I like to conflate foreground and background, causing spatial confusion, to find odd juxtapositions of color, shape, expression, and to play with strangeness.

  • People With Art People With Art


    "People with art" is an ongoing series that also began in 1968. The "a" in art is small as I enjoy defining "art" rather loosely. Sometimes the subject is people making art, people in juxtaposition to art or kitsch, people in art spaces, or even, people as art.

  • New Jersey/Philadelphia '68 New Jersey/Philadelphia '68


    I was hired by the State Museum of New Jersey to capture "the face of New Jersey". The Philadelphia and NJ photographs, taken in 1968, represent my earliest photographic series.