Transcendents: Spirit Mediums in Burma and Thailand (Daylight Books, 2017, Hardback)
Essay by Eli Coleman, Phd; Preface by Zackary Drucker

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TransCuba (Daylight Books, 2014, Hardback) 
Text by Mariela Castro Espín, Allen Frame, Wendy Watriss.

In her new publication, TransCuba, Allen focuses on the transgender community of Cuba, especially its growing visibility and acceptance in a country whose government is transitioning into a more relaxed model of communism under Raúl Castro's presidency. This publication therefore records a cultural watershed within Cuba. 

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The Gender Frontier (Kehrer Verlag, 2003, Hardback) 
2004 Lambda Literary Award.

“From activism to inner explorations, this book presents the broadest available imaging of the incredible diversity of those daring souls whose lives are committed to exploring the gender frontier. ”
Nancy R. Nangeroni, GenderTalk Radio

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Transformations: Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them
E.P. Dutton, Inc. 1989, Hardback. Photographs and interviews

This is a pioneering book of photographs and interviews with crossdressers and their loved ones: wives, children, and other family members. The focus is on presenting crossdressers in daily life, in positive settings and relationships. The photographs sensitive, sometimes beautiful, and the text offers insight into the differences between sexual orientation and gender presentation. “Transformations” is suitable for schools and libraries.

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Other Books

Masked Culture: The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade (Columbia University Press, 1994, Hardback, by Jack Kugelmass)

Photographs by Mariette Pathy Allen, Elijah Cobb, Harold Davis, Lauren Piperno, and Marilyn Stern.

Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender
Firebrand Books, 1997, Riki Anne Wilchins.

While the sexual and political freedom of homosexuals has yet to be fully secured, questions of who is sleeping with whom pale in the face of the battle by transgender activists to dismantle the idea of what it means to be a man or a woman. 

Cover and Interior Photographs by Mariette Pathy Allen

Transgender Good News
New Wineskins Press, 2002, by Pat Conover

The author critiques desperately flawed “scientific” research on transgenderism, gives a clear explanation of authentic transgender experiences and discusses the Biblical Christian attitude toward transgendered people.

Cover and photo section by Mariette Pathy Allen.

Gender Blending
Prometheus Books, 1997, by Bonnie Bullough

“The Changing Face of the Transgender community”, pp 311-315. Essay and photographs by Mariette Pathy Allen.

Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman
Beacon Press, 1997, by Leslie Feinberg

Mariette Pathy Allen contributed many photographs to the book.

Counseling in Genderland: A Guide for You and Your Transgendered Client
Different Path Press June, 1996, by Niela Miller

Cover by Mariette Pathy Allen.

Becoming a Visible Man
Vanderbilt University Press, 1997, by Jamison Green.

A California transsexual activist offers insights into the challenges of gender dysphoria. 

Cover by Mariette Pathy Allen

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