Opening for “Mariette Pathy Allen: Rites of Passage, 1978 - 2006” at The Museum of Sex

Opening for “Rites of Passage” Exhibition, on display at the Museum of Sex from March 28 - September 8

The selection largely highlights a time before the internet, when often hard-to-find newsletters and magazines were essential lifelines, and protests and in-person conferences were one of the few safe spaces to be ‘out.’ On display, you’ll find a record of Pathy Allen’s process before digital photography: darkroom work prints, photographs from color slides, hand-written notes, DIY programs for events—all records of a time far more limited, yet extremely passionate in the hope for a more equal future.

Feature on Dazed Digital

Four decades of photos show American trans communities living and loving

“There are many markers that make Pathy Allen’s pre-internet era ephemera a powerful historical source for the progression of gender equality. Her close ties to her subjects affirms their authentic representation, while her pledge to photographing them in mundane settings (simply living life) illuminates the humanism at the heart of the battle at a time when these communities were largely stripped of their humanity.”

-Lexi Manatakis

2 Photographs featured in “Photography on a Postcard”

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Feature in C☆NDY Magazine

Recent feature in C☆NDY Magazine, 12th Issue:

“Mariette has been photographing the transgender community for 40 years, and indeed, her portraits are perhaps the most heart-warming we’ve ever seen. There’s so much beauty and kindness and respect in them, and yet they feel so very raw and honest. Through her artistic practice, Mariette has been a pioneering force in the spread of gender consciousness, contributing to many very important cultural and academic publications and lecturing around the world.”

-Luis Venegas

New Book Now Available: Transcendents


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Photographs by Mariette Pathy Allen
Essay by Eli Coleman, PhD
Preface by Zackary Drucker


“As a westerner, I will never understand or experience the mystery,
or the spirituality of mediums, or how they know things that I can never
know. They are otherworldly when possessed, impenetrable,
transgressive. I search for their spirits through my camera lens. I
watch and learn, and suspend disbelief.”

– Mariette Pathy Allen

Feature in Aperture: “Future Gender”

Aperture Magazine
#229, Winter 2017

Available Now on Aperture

Future Gender
The Winter edition of Aperture magazine is a landmark issue

dedicated to the representation of transgender lives, communities, and

histories in photography. Guest edited by Zackary Drucker, the artist,

activist, and producer of the acclaimed television series Transparent,

“Future Gender” considers how trans and gender-nonconforming

individuals have used photography to imagine new expressions of social

and personal identity, from the nineteenth century to today.

12 x 9 1/4
144 pages

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