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Archival inkjet prints, 20" x 24", are available for exhibition.

“TransCuba”, published by Daylight Books, in 2014, represents four of my nine trips to Cuba. Starting in 2012, I was excited to experience Cuba as a country transitioning from strict communism to a more relaxed form of it, usually referred to as “socialism”. As a result of this greater flexibility, sexual minorities in this macho-inclined country were becoming more visible and less despised. One night, I went with a group to the “Las Vegas Club” in Havana, where I met Amanda, Nomi and Malu. After that, I spent all of my time with them, their friends, and families whenever I visited Cuba. I am so grateful to the three women for their generosity in sharing their lives, without embarrassment or resentment for the difficulties they encounter.  On the contrary, I was struck by their resilience and keen sense of humor. Sadly, when I travelled to Cuba on my ninth trip,  I found the mood and the conditions of the community had changed. When Trump and his cohorts decided Cuba was still an enemy and US citizens were forbidden to travel there, the country as a whole suffered economically, and the transgender community is starving.

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